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T-Shirts $18

Georgetown Saloon T-shirts

Hooded Sweat Shirts 37.95
Regular Sweat Shirts 35.95

Georgetown Saloon Sweatshirt
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Georgetown Saloon Mug

Bumper Sticker $2

Georgetown Saloon Bumper Sticker

Tavern Puzzles* $18

Big Shot Big Shot

Another New York original.

Solve it, and you'll be one too!

Object: Remove ring.

Level: Difficult

Dirty Dog Puzzle Dirty Dog

A bone to worry for puzzle fans. Even a former US president was bitten by this puppy; ask us about that.

Object: Remove shuttle.

Level: Difficult

Iron Maiden Puzzle Iron Maiden

Not the same device found in a chamber of horrors, or a one-hit rock band. This lady may torture you.

Object: Remove large ring.

Level: Intermediate

U-turn Puzzle U-Turn

For official use only. Look both ways, then proceed with caution. Sound horn when approaching blind curves.

Object: Remove ring.

Level: Difficult
Patience Puzzle Patience

The oldest known puzzle design, probably of Chinese origin. Popular with 19th century sailors.

Object: Remove shuttle.

Level: Complex

Lyon's Loop Puzzle Lyon's Loop

Original in private collection, Philadelphia, PA. Named after famous 19th century blacksmith, Patrick Lyon.

Object: Remove large ring.

Level: Intermediate
*Tavern Puzzle trade mark of Tucker-Jones house. Used with permission

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